Top Rated Handguns: Choose Yours

Before you go out to the nearest sporting good store you should know that not every handgun is the same. Sure you can spend upwards of  $5,000 on a really nice chrome plated .45 caliber Wilson Combat but do you really consider it the be one of the top rate handguns? I have defined some basics for you to know before just taking the sales persons word for it.

1. Define the reason for the purchase – Like I said not all handguns are the top rated handguns for every situation. Figure out why you want the gun in the first place. You may want something for home defense then you would want compact, so you can hide in night stand or something. Or maybe just for the gun range and to show off to your buddies, in this case I say go big or go home.

2. Automatic or Revolver – Both can be excellent for a particular job. Automatic handguns typically are used for concealing on your person or some sort of tactical approach. On the other hand a large caliber revolver like Dirty Harry’s shows you mean business. However, many women are choosing the revolver for the action and ease of use. No safety, just point and shoot.

3. Define the handgun budget – There are gun prices all over the board, you can spend as little as a few hundred bucks and up to $5k. I say set a budget and allow that to help narrow down your choice.

All of these guns have options like holsters or additional accessories you can purchase. Some of them even have the option to change out the sites, grips, and magazines for a more customized weapon.

SIG P226

Sig Sauer P226

One of the full size handguns in this list, I believe it is my choice for the top rated handguns for a few reasons. This is a work horse of a weapon, similar to the Sig Sauer P220 but uses the staggered column magazines instead of the single stack. This pistol is widely accepted by law enforcement, military, and tactical teams around the world. I would rate this gun as one of the best self defense weapons of choice.

Berretta 90-Two

Berretta 92

Manufactured by Beretta, this 90two series semi automatic pistol was released in 2006 as an improved model to its predecessor. Used by the Italian armed forces, it handles a futuristic design that is still a leader today. Again, one of the home defense pistol choices by many people because of its reliability and cost. Take this gun to the range you are sure to fall in love with it.

Springfield XD9

Springfield XD9

This gun rocks. It is one of the safest handguns on the market right now, I almost never jams or fails. It works when you need it to especially in quick draw self defense situations. Uses a simple grip and especially easy to load.

The Springfield DX9 is one of the finest guns, many people have been purchasing it for home defense for several reasons. Since it is small and somewhat compact it works well in confined spaces and leaves your other hand free to use a flashlight for tactical movements or just to open a door.

The Glock 17

The Glock 17

The founder, Gaston Glock was no gun designer or expert at the time, but was very experienced with synthetic polymers. With this knowledge he build a successful line of polymer framed pistols. The Glock 17 is one of the first to be build and stands the test of time because of its light weight frame and reliability in the field. Used for self defense, this is why it is on the top rated handguns list.

Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP

With both men and women in mind, this little Ruger LCP is of the smallest handguns. Law enforcement and gun enthusiast all around like this gun for its rigid design and simplistic approach. The trigger is something to be desired but with a few round through it, you will have to agree it could very well be the backup gun of choice.


Now this is just a few of the top rated handguns right now. I really did not want to go into detail on every single gun out there right now but just to give you a quick overview of some options to take into consideration when choosing the right handgun. I would like to know what you think of the list, maybe you have a different perspective than I do. Maybe you would like me to add a handgun to the list. Feel free to leave a comment.

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