Full Handgun Comparison Guide

Contains Over 80 Handguns For You To Compare.

Included In The Handgun Comparison Guide Are 11 Columns:

  • Handgun pictures
  • Handgun brand and name/model
  • Caliber
  • Barrel Length – inches
  • Weight – handgun weight in ounces
  • Gun Action
  • Shot capacity
  • Price – MSRP
  • Rating – The average user rating.  This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.

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** If you find black info in a column that is because the manufacturer did not specify. Please let me know if you can reference the missing specs.

ImageHandgun ModelCaliberBarrelWeightGripsSightsActionCapacityMSRPRating
Smith & Wesson model 29.44 Magnum6.5"48.5 ozWoodRampsDouble6-shot$11295.0
Kimber Solo Carry DC9mm2.7"17 ouncesSynthetic, RosewoodFixed low-profile,
three-dot tritium
Single6/8 shot$7475.0
Beretta Nano9mm3.07"19.75 ouncesTechnopolymerThree-dotDouble6-shot$4755.0
Taurus Milennium Pro9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP3.25"18.7-22.2 ouncesPolymerHeinie Straight EightSingle/Double6-10-shot$4675.0
Springfield XD9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP3",4",5"26-33 ouncesPolymerThree-dot, dovetailUSA9-16-shot$5495.0
Springfield Loaded9mm, .45 ACP3"-5,6"26-40Cocobolo, Pearce rubber, G10Low-profile, dovetail front, adj rearSingle6/7/9-shot$1,0555.0
Smith & Wesson M&P9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP3.1"-5,5"19-29.6Polymer,Crimson TraceFixed or adjDouble6-17-shot$4495.0
Smith & Wesson 629.44 Mag, .44 special5"44.3 ouncesSyntheticRed ramp, adjSingle/Double6-shot$9495.0
Smith & Wesson 617.22 LR6"44.2 ozSyntheticPatridge, AdjSingle/Double10-shot$8294.0
Smith & Wesson 67.38 Special4"36 ozSyntheticRed ramp, adjSingle/Double6-shot$7494.0
Smith & Wesson 64.38 S&W Special +P4"35.5 ozSyntheticIntegral, FixedSingle/Double6-shot$2895.0
Smith & Wesson 36.38 S&W Special +P1.875"19.5 ozWoodIntegral, FixedSingle/Double5-shot$3505.0
Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolver.22 LR, .22Mag, .38 Special, .357Mag1.88"-5"10.8 - 28.1 ozSynthetic, WoodFixed or adjDouble, Single/Double5/7/8-shot$5493.5
Sig Sauer P250
.380 ACP, 9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP3.6"-4.7"19.4-29.4 ozPolymerContract, SigliteSingle/Double6/7-shot$4505.0
Sig Sauer P238.380 ACP, 9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP2.7"15.2-20.1 ozPolymer, WoodSiglite, TrugloSingle6/7-shot$6434.0
Sig Sauer P232.380 ACP3.6"18.5-23.6 ozHogue rubberContract, SigliteSingle/Double7-shot$6495.0
Ruger Mk3.22 LR4.74"-6.88"35-45 ozPolymer, CocoboloFixed or fiberSingle10-shot$3794.0
Ruger LC380.380,3.12"17.20 ozPolymerAdj 3 dotDouble7-shot$4495.0
Glock 30S .45 ACP, 10mm3.77"20.11 ozPolymerFixed or adjSafe Action6/10-shot$6373.5
Clock 26
Generation 4
9mm, .40 3.42"19.75 ozPolymerFixed or adjSafe Action10/12-shot$5995.0
Clock 20.45 ACP4.6"26.28 ozPolymerFixed or adjSafe Action13/15-shot$6374.0
Clock 199mm4.01"26.28 ozPolymerFixed or adjSafe Action13/15-shot$6375.0
Clock 179mm6.02"23.63 ozPolymerFixedSafe Action15/17-shot$7504.0
Boberg XR9-L9mm3.3"17.1 ozPolymervariousDouble7-shot$9503.5
Beretta M929mm, .40 S&W4.9"32.5 - 34.4 ozWoodvariousSingle/Double17-shot6905.0
Beretta 92A19mm4.9"33.9 ozPolymer3 dotSingle/Double10/15/17-shot$6904.0
ArmaLite 24-15C9mm3.89"33.4 ozComposite3 dotSingle/Double10/13/15-shot$5505.0
CZ75 Pro Duty9mm, .40 S&W3.8"35.2 ozPolymerFixedSingle/Double16-shot$4994.0
CZ75 SP -019mm3.7"28 ozRubberFixedSingle/Double10-shot$6604.0
Smith & Wesson 686 6".357 Mag, .38 S&W6"44.9 ozSyntheticRamp, AdjSingle/Double6-shot$8294.5
Kahr CM99mm3.0"14 ozPolymerWhite dot, adjSingle/Double6-shot$5174.0
Stoeger Cougar9mm, .40, 45 ACP3.6"32.32-6 ozSyntheticWhite 3 dotSingle/Double8/11/15-shot$4694.5
Diamondback DB99mm3"11 ozSyntheticFixed or nightDouble6-shot$3605.0
Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911.45 ACP4.33", 5.05"33.9-36.2 ozWoodBlade, SculpturedSingle8-shot$8534.0
FNH-USA 575.7x28mm4.8"23.3 ozPolymerFixed 3 dotSingle2/20-shot$1,1805.0
Ruger GP1000.3573-6"36-40 ozHogue rubberRamp, AdjSingle/Double6+1-shot$7594.0
Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield9mm, .40 3.1"19 ozPolymerWhite 3 dotStriker6/7/8-shot$4494.0
Ruger LC99mm3.12"17.1 ozNylonAdj 3 dotDouble7-shot$4434.5
Ruger LCP.380 ACP2.75"9.4 ozNylonFixedDouble6+1-shot$3794.0
Ruger LCR.22 LR, .38 Special, .357 Mag1.88"13-17.1 ozHogueRamp or Xs Dot, triDouble5/8-shot$5255.0
Smith & Wesson M&P 45.45 ACP4.5"29.6 ozPolymerWhite dot dovetailDouble10+1-shot$5994.0
Wilson Combat Carry.45 ACP4"35 ozG10FiberSingle7-shot$3,2054.0
Sig Sauer P2399mm, .357 SIG, .403.6",4"29.5 ozPolymerContrast, SigliteSingle/Double7/8-shot$8585.0
Stevr M99mm3.66"24.69 ozPolymerDOTDouble15/18-shot$4994.0
Kahr MK99mm3"20.2 ozNylonAdjDouble5/6/7-shot$8555.0
Sig Sauer P2269mm, .357 SIG, .404.4-6"23.7-47.2 ozPolymerSiglite, TrugloSingle/Double10-20-shot$9004.0
Sig Sauer P250.380 ACP, 9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP3.6-4.7"19.4-29.4 ozPolymerContract, SigliteSingle/Double6-17-shot$4684.0
Sig Sauer P2909mm2.9"20.5 ozPolymerSiglite, Double6-shot$7584.0
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380.380 ACP2.75"11.85 ozPolymerFixed, AdjDouble6-shot$4194.0
Ruger SP101.22LR, .327 Fed Mag, .38 Special, .357Mag2.25-4.20"25-20 ozRubberRamp, AdjSingle/Double5/6/8-shot$6394.5
Heckler & Koch P309mm, .40 3.85-4.44"22.88-24.32 ozPolymerFixedDouble, Single/Double10/13/15-shot$1,0544.0
Sig Sauer P9389mm3"16 ozWoodSiglite, TrugloSingle6/7-shot$7954.0
Kahr PM45.45 ACP3.24"17.3 ozPolymerwhite dot, adjSingle/Double5-shot$8554.0
Kimber Crimson Carry II.45 ACP3"-5"25-31 ozRosewood,crimsonFixedSingle7/8-shot$1,1764.5
Sig Sauer SP20229mm, .357 SIG, .403.9"29 ozPolymerContract, SigliteSingle/Double, Single10/12/15-shot$4004.0
Ruger SR1911.45,4.25"36.4 ozPlasticAdj 3 dotSingle/Double8-shot$8294.0
Ruger SR9C9mm4.14"26.5 ozNylonAdj 3 dotDouble10/17-shot$5254.0
Kimber Super Carry.45 ACP3"-,5"25.39 ozWood, G10TritiumSingle7/8-shot$1,5574.0
Springfield XD-S9mm, .357 SIG, .40, .45 ACP3-5"26-33 ouncesPolymer3 dot, dovetailUSA9-16-shot$6693.7
Smith & Wesson SW19119mm, .45 ACP3-5"26.5-41.7 ozWood, SyntheticFixed or adjSingle7/8-shot$1,0195.0
Kimber Tactical II9mm, .45 ACP3-5"24-40 ozLaminatedFixedSingle7-shot$1,2855.0
Wilson Combat X-TAC.45 ACP4",5"26.8-38.1 ozG10Fiber, BattlesightSingle8-shot$2,7605.0
Springfield XDm9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP3.8"-5.25"27-32 ozPolymer3 dot, dovetail, adjUSA11-19-shot$6395.0
Springfield XD.45 ACP3.3"21.5 ozPolymerFiber,dovetailUSA5-shot$5595.0
Sig Sauer P220.45 ACP3.9"-5"29.6-39.1 ozPolymerContrast, SigliteSingle/Double, Single, Double6/8/10-shot$1,1255.0
Boberg XR9-S9mm3.3"polymerAdj 3 dotDouble7-shot$9954.0
Sig Sauer P2109mm4.7"37.4 ozWoodPost/NotchSingle8-shot$2,1994.0
Taurus 24/7 G29mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP3.5"27-28 ouncesPolymerAdjustable RearDouble-action / single-action10-17-shot$4985.0
Springfield EMP9mm, 403"26-33 ozCocobolo, G10Tritium 3 dotSingle8/9 shot$1,3454.5
Zastava EZ9mm3.6"28 ozPolymer3 dotSingle/Double8-15-shot$2953.0
Taurus 609ti-Pro9mm3.25"19.7 ozPolymerHeinie Straight EightSingle/Double13-shot$6084.0
Beretta 3032 Tomcat.32 ACP2.4"14.5 ozPolymerBlade, NotchSingle/Double7/8-shot$3905.0
Rossi R97.357,4",6"32-35 ozRubberRamp, AdjSingle/Double6-shot$4523.0
Auto Ordanance 1911.45 ACP5"30 ozPolymer, WoodBlade, AdjSingle7-shot$6374.5
Dan Wesson Titan10mm5"76.8 ozG10Tritium, AdjSingle14-shot$3,8294.5
Magnum Research Micro Eagle.380 ACP2.22"14 ozPolymerFixedDouble6-shot$4673.5
Sig Sauer Mosquito.22 LR3.9",4.9"24.6-27.8 ozPolymerAdjSingle/Double10-shot$3903.0
Rossi R85.38 S&W Special +P4"32 ozRubberRamp, AdjSingle/Double6-shot$3895.0
Taurus DT.357 Mag2"20.2 ozRobberFiber,FixedSingle/Double5-shot$4453.5
NAA .22 Magnum.22 Mag1",1.3",1.63"5.9-6.4 ozvariousBlade, notchSingle5-shot$2194.0
Springfield Operator.45 ACP4",5"31-45 ozVariousDovetail, adjSingle7-shot$1,3873.5
Wilson Combat .38 Super Sentinel.38 Super3.6"25.2 ozG10FiberSingle8-shot38755.0

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