Best Handgun For Home Defense

When it comes to choosing the best handgun for home defense, a variety of factors should be considered. While price is an obvious consideration, the skill level of the shooter, the size and strength of the shooter, and ease of use during a potentially life-threatening invasion are also important aspects that play into a handgun purchase. (See some great options here).

Revolver or Semi-Automatic?While this debate is sure to make for interesting conversation amongst gun aficionados, for the purpose of home defense, a revolver is a solid choice. Semi-automatics take more time to properly learn, as they have more moving parts. This leads to the potential for more things going wrong and the need to learn how to react quickly.Revolvers are simpler but generally hold fewer bullets than a semi-automatic. They are a bit slower to reload, but they take less skill to operate. This is important in a crisis situation, as people tend to have tunnel vision during these times. Having fewer steps to remember in operating a gun is important. While a semi-automatic is a great choice for a skilled shooter, most casual shooters will be better served with a revolver.

Size and Weight

Some guns are heavy. For a person with a powerful grip and a steady hand, these may feel just right. Getting a handgun that feels comfortable is extremely important. Individuals with less hand strength will probably want to choose a gun that is smaller and lighter. There is no right or wrong with regards to size and weight other than if a gun feels too heavy or bulky, it is probably a bad idea.

Caliber and Stopping Power

The bigger the bullet, the more likely that a hit will stop an intruder. The speed of the bullet also plays a role, but almost any gun fires bullets at sufficient speed to do the necessary damage. To get a good amount force for home defense, a caliber of around .38 or higher is a good minimum.

Also, all things being equal, the bigger the bullet, the stronger the kick from the gun the shooter will experience when firing. It is a good idea to fire guns of various calibers to see what can be comfortably withstood. Firing a gun that gets knocked out of the shooter’s hands due to kick is not going to help much with home defense.

A Verdict

While there are many more factors that could be discussed regarding the best handgun for home defense, based on the above-mentioned criteria, the Medusa Model 47 is the perfect weapon. It is not limited by caliber, but can fire 25 different sized rounds in the .38/9mm/.357 range. This allows a shooter to choose the bullet that feels the most comfortable to fire.

It also comes in a variety of lengths, from a 2.5 inch barrel up to a 6 inch barrel. This will help with weight and size, as the shooter can test out different sizes to see which feels best. It is also a revolver and is simple to operate. While quite rare, the Medusa Model 47 is unique but offers unprecedented versatility for home defense. Check out the best handgun chart for all the greatest reviews.

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