Best Handgun For Concealed Carry

Finding the best handgun for concealed carry is by far one of the hardest guns to find. Depending on the type of person carrying and where on their body they will carry the handgun will determine the size and caliber you should buy.

Most Reliable Handgun: Glock

The Glock 17 Widgets When the Austrian military announced in 1982 that Glock had been awarded the contract to provide its new advanced field pistol, the news rocked the shooting world and the firearms industry. Glock was known as a producer of field knives, bayonets and entrenching tools, along with a few other military products like machine […]

Top Rated Handguns: Choose Yours

Sig Sauer P226 Widgets Before you go out to the nearest sporting good store you should know that not every handgun is the same. Sure you can spend upwards of  $5,000 on a really nice chrome plated .45 caliber Wilson Combat but do you really consider it the be one of the top rate handguns? I have […]

Tactical Firearms That May Save Your Life Widgets Many people consider owning a firearm for their person or home in order to protect themselves, their property and their families from potentially threatening situations. In order to take on the responsibility of owning a lethal weapon for the purposes of personal defense, most gun owners extensively train with these firearms. This practice […]

Cheap Handguns the Good, the Bad and the ugly

Beretta U22 Neos .22LR Pistol Widgets The old saying that “I’d rather have one and not need it than to need one and not have it” would certainly apply to handguns. Unfortunately, regardless of the reason you have for owning a gun, sometimes budget is a problem and the funds to purchase an expensive one simply aren’t there. It […]